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  • What Is Buckeye State Rural? Local grassroots organizers formed the Buckeye State Rural PAC, a 527 nonprofit organization, to promote public policies that work for rural communities. Ohioans, especially those in rural areas, are being neglected by their current representatives. Rural communities have strengths and face challenges that are often ignored when elected officials set priorities for funding and services. Health, job, and education policies that work for urban areas do not necessarily work for families living in small towns and rural areas. Our communities deserve better. We want to ensure that the representatives we elect understand how they can best [read more]

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BSR on Flyover Folk Podcast

Two of our board members spoke with Matt Hildreth, president and founder of RuralOrganizing.org and the host of “Flyover Folk” podcast (subscribe here https://www.buzzsprout.com/94324), which delves into all things rural.

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