Two More Billboards!

Thanks to your generous contributions, Buckeye State Rural has two more billboards in Ohio Congressional District 15. One of these billboards is just outside  Athens and another is just north of Circleville.

These billboards—along with our first billboard in Lancaster—will be up through the November election to get viewers to really think about the options for voting when it comes to their ability to find, access, and afford health care.

Our goal is three more billboards across the 11 rural counties in District 15. Donate now via ActBlue or contact us if you’d like to host a fundraiser!



  1. My husband and I loved your billboard just outside of Athens. We were on our way to West Virginia and saw it and went crazy. I am the treasurer of the Morrow County Women’s Democrat Club. We are putting up four billboards in Mount Gilead (the county seat). We are so excited. We are working a grassroots campaign to get Danny O’Connor elected representative for District 12. We had a special election on August 7. His opponent is Troy Balderson. It is still too close to call. We wrote nearly 700 postcards reminding folks of the special election and inviting them to meet Danny at an ice cream social on July 27. We are also supporting Sen. Sherrod Brown and other Ohio Dems. Good luck with your task ahead. We are supporting your campaign and billboards. What an important task we all have

    • Thanks for letting us know you saw it and approved! Many folks in District 15 helped out with canvassing for Danny O’Connor, and we’re all waiting to see the final results this week. We’re glad to hear that rural activism is ramping up!

  2. Cheryl, so glad you loved our Buckeye State Rural billboard! There are more coming! And best of luck on your four billboards in Mount Gilead. Sounds like you’re doing great work!

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